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    The Dog Namer is ran with the help of Charlie the Golden Retriever. Charlie lives in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and is excited ALL the time. The vet said Charlie would calm down when he outgrew his puppy stage, however he is 5 years old and still as crazy as ever. Charlie enjoys going for rides on boats off the shores of Lake Erie. Although he’s not much of a swimmer, he loves his boat rides. If you have a question or suggestion about the site, send us a note!

  • How did Charlie get his name?

    Charlie’s mom was a big fan of the viral YouTube video “Charlie bit my finger.” If you haven’t seen the video check it out to the right.

    The irony of this name is that as a puppy, Charlie did like biting fingers! Thankfully he outgrew that, but still has all the energy in the world.

  • charlie baby picture

  • Baby Charlie

    This was just an excuse to add a picture of Charlie as a puppy.