Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Your Pup

Crates are valued among dog owners for different reasons. Some owners use crates to help train their dogs as puppies while others use crates when they leave the house to prevent the dog from roaming around. Whatever the reason, crates offer dogs their own safe space, so why should you settle for less when you can give your pet the best dog crate out there? There are many kinds available in the market, with each one catering to your dog’s specific needs.

We have done the research and compiled the 5 best dog crates in the market:

1. OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate

The OxGord Double-Door crate is easy to install best dog crate
thanks to its design, which allows you to fold and store it away whenever needed. Its design is also convenient since you can save space and store it anywhere whenever your pet is no longer using it. In fact, you can even take the OxGord crate with you in the car when traveling because it’s so versatile and simple to use, assemble, and take down. The crate is also designed with a carry handle and comes with multiple doors. However, this crate isn’t ideal if you have a large dog that often gets anxiety, tends to chew, or is restless as the steel bars can be broken if your dog tries to escape.

  • Specs: Ranges from Small (20” x 13” x 16”) to XXX-Large (48” x 29” x 32”)

2. MidWest iCrate Pet Crates

best crate for small dogsThe MidWest iCrate comes with a singular door design and is equipped with a composite plastic pan at the bottom that is easy to clean in case of a water bowl spill or accident. No tools are needed in the setup of the MidWest iCrate, and the design of this crate is meant to be easy to fold and carry so you can travel around with it. What’s unique about this brand is that it offers a variety of styles (single door or double door), colors (black, blue or pink), and sizes (ranging from 18-inches to 48-inches) that give owners a chance choose a crate that’s most suitable for their pets. They have crates available for tiny, extra-small, and small dogs as well, making this brand an excellent choice as one of the best crates for small dogs. The crate wires are rather thin and sharp on the ends, so if you think that your dog may want to escape, they may end up breaking the wires or getting poked.

  • Specs: Ranges from Small (18” x 12” x 14”) to 48-inch (48” x 30” x 33”)

3. Amazon Basics Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

The crate’s design features two doors, one in the best crate for medium size dogs
front and one on the side, that swing open for added convenience. For added security and safety, it also comes equipped with two slide-bolt latches. The AmazonBasics is a sturdy crate that is constructed with durable metal-wire made with rounded corners to protect your pet. It also folds flat so you can easily store it whenever it’s no longer in use or carry it from one place to another. This crate comes in a variety of sizes that could accommodate all types of dogs. Some owners with small dogs really like the divider panel that comes with the crate to reduce the interior space for growing puppies. We would consider this the best crate for medium size dogs once the dogs grow out of the puppy stage. The Amazon Basics Metal Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is strong enough to withstand the needs of even the roughest dogs. The only drawback is that some models are claimed to have defective latches.

  • Specs: Ranges from Small (24” x 19” x 18”) to 48-Inch (48” x 43” x 31”)

4. 2 Door Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan

best crate for large dogsThis crate is a favorite among owners of large dogs who appreciate extra room within the kennel for stretching and added comfort. It is extra-large in size and runs at least $10 less than other 48” crates in the market, could be considered the best dog crate for large dogs in the market as it offers the best budget-friendly price you can get for the size. The 2 Door Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan is easy to set up and fold down, so it is convenient to transport or store away when not in use. Its design with round edges makes it a safe option for dogs that may try to escape. Another convenient feature is that it has the two doors, one on the front and the other on the side, for multiple entry. The drawbacks of this model is that, while it is spacious and can support a large dog, the wires can be rather thin and can be broken with the paws or teeth of a strong dog.

  • Specs: 48” x 33” x 30”

5. Amazon Basics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

This Amazon Basics model is designed with one door best crate for dogs
on the front of the crate and comes with two slide-bolt latches for safety. This crate is constructed with durable metal for added sturdiness and durability. The Amazon Basics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate comes with mini-dividers on the bottom perimeter so that your dog’s paws don’t slide through. This product comes with a clip-on handle which makes traveling with it easy and convenient. There are no sharp or rough edges, making it a safe choice for puppies or hyper dogs. Some owners have experienced some slight bending and latches that can be tricky to close.

  • Specs: Ranges from Small (24” x 19” x 18”) to 48-Inch (48” x 43” x 31”)

We’ve heard some dog trainers say to stray away from using the word crate and to use a word like “condo” instead. Changing the tone when you tell your dog to spend some time here might make a difference. Don’t forget to decorate it with a plush dog bed and indestructible chew toy, and leave the door open. You may just find that your dog will want to go in there on its own!