Best Dog Names from Video Games

video game dog names

If you’re having a tough time picking a name for your dog, a great source can be your own hobbies. Many people are passionate about video games and don’t even realize what a great pool of potential dog names there are in the world of gaming. Our favorites are below, but feel free to make a list of your favorite video games, list out the characters, and narrow down your favorites.

  • Male Names

    NameVideo Game
    AgroShadow of Colossus
    BalragStreet Fighter
    BowserSuper Mario Bros.
    ChocoboFinal Fantasy
    CrashCrash Bandicoot
    CyraxMortal Kombat
    DanteDevil May Cry
    DaxterJak & Daxter
    Duke (Nukem)Duke Nukem
    GuileStreet Fighter
    JakJak & Daxter
    JaxMortal Kombat
    KanoMortal Kombat
    KnucklesSonic the Hedgehog
    KratosGod of War
    LinkThe Legend of Zelda
    LuigiSuper Mario Bros.
    MarioSuper Mario Bros.
    MaxMax Payne
    PrincePrince of Persia
    RaidenMortal Kombat
    RyuStreet Fighter
    SmokeMortal Kombat
    SonicSonic the Hedgehog
    SpyroSpyro the Dragon
    StykerMortal Kombat
    YoshiSuper Mario World
  • Female Names

    NameVideo Game
    AlyxHalf-Life 2
    DaisyMario Tennis
    DaphneDragon's Lair
    DidoCivilization V: Gods and Kings
    EvaMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    FaithMirror's Edge
    FarrahPrince of Persia
    FionaTales from Borderlands
    IvySoul Edge
    JadeMortal Kombat
    JadeBeyond Good and Evil
    JainaWorld of Warcraft
    KitanaMortal Kombat
    LaraLara Croft: Tomb Raider
    LightningFinal Fantasy
    LuccaChrono Trigger
    LuLuFinal Fantasy
    MileenaMortal Kombat
    PeachSuper Mario Bros. 2
    RikkuFinal Fantasy
    Sonya (Blade)Mortal Kombat
    TailsSonic the Hedgehog
    TakiSoul Edge
    YunaFinal Fantasy
    ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda
    ZoeyLeft 4 Dead