Golden Retriever Names – Updated 2017

golden retriever namesGolden Retrievers are one of the top dog breeds each and every year, and every Golden Retriever deserves a good name – that’s where we come in! Whether you have a boy Golden Retriever, or a girl, our list is sure to help. Some of the names on our list make reference to the color of the dog while most of the rest are taken from famous goldens. We have some great Golden Retriever names in movies, but also some unique Golden Retriever names based on goldens owned by famous celebrities! Whether your dog is a puppy, or fully grown – if you need a good name, look no further than our famous list. Do you have several female Golden Retrievers? Why not name them after the Golden Girls TV show characters? The possibilities are endless, we just hope we can at least get you started with some good ideas!

Dog NameReference
BambiKyle Richard's Golden
BaxterRyan Reynolds and Blake Lively's Golden mix
BudDog actor that played Air Bud; Nickname for Buddy the Wonder Dog
BuddyDog actor, Buddy the Wonder Dog
CharlieAdam Levine's Golden; The Dog Namer webmaster
CometTanner family dog in Full House (TV show)
CooperChris Colfer's Golden
CosmoFuller family dog in Fuller House (TV show)
DigbyNed's dog in Pushing Daisies (TV show)
ElvisNick Jonas' Golden
FlukeTitle dog name in Fluke (Movie)
FrankieAdam Levine's late Golden
GaryJimmy Fallon's Golden
GoldieColor; Breed name
GoldenColor; Breed name
GracieOne of Oprah Winfrey's Goldens
JakeChris Colfer's late Golden
JJOne of Jackie Chan's Goldens
JonesOne of Jackie Chan's Goldens
LeoJoey Lawrence's Golden
LucaOne of Oprah Winfrey's Golden Retrievers
MosesMike Sorrentino (The Situation)'s Golden
OliverNicollette Sheridan's Golden
OrbitMain dog actor that played Digby in Pushing Daisies TV Show
OrionAlternative dog actor that played Digby in Pushing Daisies TV Show
PontiacBetty White's Golden
PawsTitle dog name in The Search for Santa Paws (Movie)
PlumColbie Caillat's Golden
RennAndrew Garfield and Emma Stone's adopted dog (couple split since then)
Rumpy PumpyLisa Vanderpump's Golden
SullyCurtis Stone and Lindsay Price's Golden
TuckerShawn johnson's Golden
WaylonMiranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's (couple split since then)
WonderNickname for dog actor, Buddy the Wonder Dog

If our list helped you out in any way, let us know! We want to help as many people as possible name their Golden Retriever.