Seinfeld Dog Names

seinfeld dog names

We’re not sure if this is a popular category or not, but since Charlie has a cousin named Cosmo and a friend named Puddy, we thought a fun list would be of the best Seinfeld based dog names.

If you’re a huge fan of Seinfeld, what better way to maintain your obsession than by naming your dog after a Seinfeld character? Seinfeld is a timeless TV show that owned the TV market in the 90s and continues to do so now through syndication. Casual fans are familiar with names like Kramer or George, but there are so many characters, seen and unseen, that would make great names for dogs.

Our list uses whatever part of the name we found would be best for a dog, whether that be the first name or the last name. There are lots of great lists all over the internet of every single Seinfeld character from A-Z, but we feel like we’ve chosen the top Seinfeld based dog names available. If you want to learn more about a character and their connection to the show, just google that name and put “Seinfeld” after it for more information.

Have a good name we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Art VandelayGeorge's alter-ego
BabsKramer's mom
Babu BhattImmigrant from Pakistan
Bob CobbA conducter (Maestro)
Bob SacamanoKramer's friend
Buck NakedGeorge's alter-ego
CorkyKramer's friend
CosmoKramer's first name
DeenaGeorge's childhood friend
DoloresJerry's girlfriend
DuganElaine's coworker
ElaineJerry's friend
EstelleGeorge's mother
FarfelA dog Jerry must take care of
FrankGeorge's father
GailElaine's sister
GeorgeFriend of Jerry
HennieGeorge's cousin
IzzyNeighbor of Jerry's parents
JackieKramer's lawyer
JerryMr. Seinfeld himself
KlompusMorty's nemesis
KramerJerry's neighbor
LarryManager of Monk's Café
LeoJerry's uncle
LomezKramer's friend
MickeyKramer's friend
MortyJerry's father
NewmanJerry's nemesis
PacoCook at Monks Café
PepeGeorge's made up chef
PetermanElaine's boss
PingChinese food delivery boy
PoppieItalian restaurant owner
Prickly PeteGeorge's imaginary horse
PuddyElaine's love interest
RustyHomeless man
ShlomoForeign driver
ShmoopyJerry's pet name
SidProfessional car parker
SimonsGeorge's friend
Slappy WhiteJerry's alias in Atlantic City
SnoopyGeorge's imaginary horse
SpecterKramer's friend
SteinbrennerGeorge's boss/Yankee's owner