Star Wars Dog Names

star wars dog names

An excellent source of dog name inspiration can be found a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars universe is full of virtually hundreds of super creative dog names around every corner. We sifted through every Star Wars name to pick out the best names fit for a dog. Whether you have a girl or a boy dog, our refined list is bound to offer up some ideas. A typically good dog name is short and easy to say, so we found the best options using first names, nicknames and more, to find your dog the best name possible. Some names we found were pretty obvious, like Chewie, while others are not so well known.Check out our awesome list below for dog names based on the Star Wars movies, cartoons, and comics.

Dog NameFull NameDescription
AaylaAayla SecuraJedi
AckbarAdmiral AckbarSupreme commander of the Rebel Alliance Fleet
AnakinAnakin Skywalker (or Solo)
AurraAurra SingBounty hunter
BazeBaze MalbusMercenary
BobaBoba FettBounty hunter
CassCassian AndorRebel intelligence officer
ChewieChewbaccaLegendary wookiee warrior
CodyCommander CodyAide of Obi-Wan
DakDak RalterSnowspeeder gunner
DengarDengarBounty hunter
DookuCount DookuSeparatist leader
FinnFinnConverted Storm Trooper
GreedoGreedoRodian bounty hunter working for Jabba the Hutt
HanHan Solo(duh!)
JabbaJabba the HuttCrime boss and bounty hunter employer
JangoJango FettBounty hunter & father of Boba Fett
Jar JarJar Jar BinksControversial Gungan
JessJessika "Jess" Testor PavaX-wing pilot
JynJyn ErsoRebel Alliance member
KitKit FistoTentacle-headed Jedi
KyloKylo RenMaster of the Knights of Ren
L'uloL'uloDuros pilot of the Rebel Alliance
LandoLando CalrissianFriend of Han Solo
LeiaPrincess Leia OrganaRebel Alliance leader
LukeLuke Skywalker(duh!)
LyraLyra ErsoMother of Jyn Erso
MaceMace WinduJedi Council member
MaulDarth MaulSith Lord
MaxMax ReboLeader of the Max Rebo Band
MazMaz KanataAncient humanoid space pirate
MoffGrand Moff Wilhuff TarkinImperial governor
NuteNute GunrayNeimoidian/Viceroy of the Trade Federation
ObiObi Wan KenobiJedi Master
OrsonOrson KrennicImperial military weapons director
OwenOwen LarsLuke Skywalker's Uncle
PadméPadmé AmidalaQueen, and Senator of Naboo
PoePoe DameronX-wing pilot
Qui-GonQui-Gon JinnJedi Master
RaeRae SloaneImperial captain
RakoRako HardeenBounty hunter
RaymusRaymus AntillesSpaceship captain
ReyReyScavenger from Jakku
SabéSabéHandmaiden of Padmé Amidala
SawSaw GerreraRebel leader and Clone War veteran
ShmiShmi SkywalkerMother of Anakin Skywalker
SidDarth Sidius (Palpatine)Senator and Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
SnokeSupreme Leader SnokeKylo Ren's master
TeeboTeeboEwok leader
TeedoTeedoScavenger from Jakku
TessTessekJabba the Hutt's accountant
VaderDarth VaderSith Lord
WattoWattoStore owner and slaveholder
YodaYodaJedi Master and trainer of Luke
ZevZev SenescaRebel Alliance member
ZiroZiro the HuttJabba's uncle