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Finding the right name for your dog is important and we are here to help! At The Dog Namer, our mission is to match your new pup with the perfect name. To make naming your dog easier, we’ve broken down our website according to various categories. We have separate lists when it comes to names for boy dogs and names for girl dogs. There are also a number of fun categories to check out if you’re really stumped. We have great resources showing top names for dogs that are inspired by pop culture, books, TV shows, sports, movies and even some names of celebrity pooches.

Once you pick out the perfect name, treat your pup to some gifts. We began as a dog name site, but after learning how awful some dog products can be we wanted to also help our readers by finding and reviewing the best dog products. Looking for the best dog bed for large dogs, or something else? We are here to help any way we can!

And when you’re ready to bring your dog with you on a trip, be sure to read out tips for traveling with your dog.

  • Top Boy Dog Names

    1. Charlie
    2. Max
    3. Teddy
    4. Gus
    5. Duke
    6. Eddie
    7. Brody
    8. Marley
    9. Bo
    10. Benny
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  • Top Girl Dog Names

    1. Roxy
    2. Lilly
    3. Bella
    4. Rosie
    5. Misty
    6. Sophie
    7. Bailey
    8. Abbey
    9. Mia
    10. Lexi
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How to name your dog

1. Make a list

It seems obvious, but spend some time really thinking about a good dog name, because you’ll be calling your dog that for many years to come. Get out a piece of paper and write down potential names that you like. Share your list with other family members and get their feedback and ideas.

2. Think in Categories

If you’re totally stumped on what to name your dog, try to break it down by category. This is where we can help the most. Our site is created to help people name their dog by breaking lists of great dog names down by categories. We have the obvious lists such as the big lists of general girl dog names and boy dog names seen above. We’ve decided to take things a step further by having some fun and compiling big lists of various name categories. Check a few out below!

Food Based Dog Names

Are you a foodie who can’t stop watching channels like The Food Network? Why not think through your favorite foods and snacks for a dog name. Below are a few popular dog names based on food.

Food dog names that we like:

  • Basil
  • Cocoa
  • Taco
  • Ginger
  • Donut
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Drink Based Dog Names

Maybe you’re looking for a name in honor of your favorite beverage. We have a great list of dog names to get you started. If you’re looking for something based on adult drinks, take a look at our list of dog names based on alcohol.

Drink names for dogs that we like:

  • Evian
  • Barq
  • Sunny
  • Amp
  • Josta
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Nerdy Dog Names

Let’s face it, most of us have a little bit of nerd in us. Why not let your nerd flag fly by naming your best friend after something a bit nerdy. As nerds know, there are countless subsects of nerdiness, so fair warning, our master list spans many different areas of nerdiness. Feel free to check out our separate list of dog names based on video game characters, though!

Drink names for dogs that we like:

  • Quark
  • Ruby
  • Cloud
  • Vader
  • Beaker
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TV Show Dog Names

Some of our favorite dogs are the ones we’ve never met. Television has provided us with many memorable pups, both cartoon and live-action. When you stop to think about it, there have been tons of dogs on TV shows and we wanted to create a big list of those dogs. Or try a name from Charlie’s favorite show and check out the best Seinfeld based dog names.
Why not go with one of these TV dog names:

  • Porkchop from Doug
  • Vincent from Lost
  • Eddie from Frasier
  • Comet from Full House
  • Doc from Grey’s Anatomy
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Celebrity Dog Names

Many famous people are dog owners like the rest of us, and one of the best places for dog name inspiration is seeing what other people name their dogs. Celebrities are known for giving their children some off-the-wall names, and sometimes they do the same with their pets. Take a look at our big list of celebrity dog names list page.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Buddy, Bill Clinton’s Lab
  • Indo, Will Smith’s Rottweiler
  • Louie, Adele’s Dachshund
  • Sadie, Oprah’s Cocker Spaniel
  • Tucker, Charlize Theron’s mixed breed pup
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Good luck and happy dog naming!

If you have any ideas or contributions to our lists, please feel free to contact us by commenting below our lists.